Cape Wrath Ultra – The Preliminaries.

Cape Wrath Ultra

Saturday 21st May

This is my retrospective look back at the Cape Wrath Ultra TM and I shall try and put into just a few words, what the event was about and give some idea of what was involved for the support team.

The event schedule for those of us on the support team stretched from 21st to 30th May 2016.  The event for the participants ran from Sunday 22nd to Sunday 29th May 2016.

It began for me on 20th May, when I set off from home by car to Fort William.  En route I had agreed to pick-up a participant from Edinburgh Airport, one Pavel Paloncy, who’d flown in from the Czech Republic.

We were both staying at the Backpackers Hostel in Fort William, which meant we were able to have a drink and a chat on the Friday evening.

Saturday was to be a busy day with all participants arriving from various places around the world.

A truly international field assembled for this inaugural event.

The event – well, it was always going to amazing.  Just the thought of getting from Fort William to Cape Wrath, 400km in 6 (six) days, was going to be an almighty challenge and a great adventure.

There were many faces at registration, attending briefings and getting themselves ready for the Sunday start.

As I write this my mind obviously goes back to the days in May, because as the week went by, we in the support team came to know a good number of the participants, from those at the front to those who were not!  I’m sure, as this first day came to a close there would have been nerves, concerns and excitement as to how the next days would proceed.

Shane Ohly, Event Director and Race Director Gary Tompsett, had spent 2 years planning the Cape Wrath Ultra; spending days running the route, obtaining permissions and ensuring that all necessary parties, including land owners, farming tenants, National Trust along with other bodies, were satisfied with the organisation and that all environmental issues were considered and agreed.

The support team that been assembled by Shane Ohly (Event Director) and his Ourea Events Management team, brought together a support team of 40 personnel that included, Medical, Mountain Safety, Catering, Media, Control Point monitoring and a core team comprising, those like myself, who were there to generally work on campsite duties, get on and do stuff.  Lots of stuff.  More of which later.

The day was mapped out like this:

08:30 Team Briefing

11:00 to 15:00 Registration

13:00 Kit Check/Bag Check

19:00 Participant/Event Team Briefing

20:00 Buffet Dinner

Each participant had their photograph taken and one of the briefings, in particular, discussed the correct way to cross a river when the water level is at differing depths.

The 19:00 briefing, given by Shane and Gary, covered various aspects of what the participants were likely to encounter over the 450km of the route.

One aspect that raised a few questions was that of ticks!  The message was check yourself each and every afternoon and seek medical advice if necessary.

Lastly, participant drop bags (containing changes of cloths, spare running kit, shoes, toiletries etc.) were assembled and put into vans for onward transport the following day to the first overnight camp.

As I would be using my own car during the event I was asked to take a passenger as we made our way north through the western highlands.  My passenger was Jacqueline Cooper whose husband Mick was one of the event participants.  Jac proved to be a most welcome passenger and I hope she enjoyed my company as much as I hers.

Late in the afternoon as the participants filtered away to their respective overnight accommodation, ready for the start the next day, the support team tidied up the Nevis Centre and got things ready for the next day.

There will be photos with the next installment.  I was unable to take them during registration etc. because I was too busy!

The links shown below are for you to see photos and read how the preparation took place.  Don’t go browsing around the Day 1 to Day 8 links just yet.  I’ll provide the relevant links for each day as the journey unfolds.

Have a look here for a Preview of the event:

the 94 participants and a map of the route:

Day 1: Fort William to Glenfinnan will follow shortly.


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