Photography Beginners – Award Level 1

As I’m retired and I much prefer to be doing something with my time, which includes getting out and about on walks in my home county of Northumberland.  I also enjoy photography and having never had any formal training, I decided to enrol on a course for beginners.

My local council, Northumberland County Council, run various adult learning courses and I chose Photography Beginners – Award Level 1.  A 22 week course, of 2.5 hours per week, at a local Adult Learning Centre.

I’ll not go into details now,  as I intend to post examples of my work as I progress through the course.  So, having delayed the start in my blog, I will go back to the first ‘homework’ to begin the story.

We started with Composition:

Fill the Frame – the first exercise.  The idea being to produce images that fill the edges of the photograph.  This means get in close, to make the subject a major portion of the final image.

So, there you are and now for my efforts:

Robin, taken in Spring this year when the adults had young. Waiting to be fed with mealy worms.
Ford Fiesta on the Malcolm Wilson Rally in Greystoke Forest, Cumbria.







A section of a Railway Bridge decorated with graffiti.
Part of a pedestrian underpass wall. I particularly liked the shadow of a nearby tree.






Part of a seat near the War memorial in my village.
A straight forward shot of a plant in a local garden centre.


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