Photography Beginners – Award Level 1

As I’m retired and I much prefer to be doing something with my time, which includes getting out and about on walks in my home county of Northumberland.  I also enjoy photography and having never had any formal training, I decided to enrol on a course for beginners.

My local council, Northumberland County Council, run various adult learning courses and I chose Photography Beginners – Award Level 1.  A 22 week course, of 2.5 hours per week, at a local Adult Learning Centre.

I’ll not go into details now,  as I intend to post examples of my work as I progress through the course.  So, having delayed the start in my blog, I will go back to the first ‘homework’ to begin the story.

We started with Composition:

Fill the Frame – the first exercise.  The idea being to produce images that fill the edges of the photograph.  This means get in close, to make the subject a major portion of the final image.

So, there you are and now for my efforts:

Robin, taken in Spring this year when the adults had young. Waiting to be fed with mealy worms.
Ford Fiesta on the Malcolm Wilson Rally in Greystoke Forest, Cumbria.







A section of a Railway Bridge decorated with graffiti.
Part of a pedestrian underpass wall. I particularly liked the shadow of a nearby tree.






Part of a seat near the War memorial in my village.
A straight forward shot of a plant in a local garden centre.


Welcome to my Blog


My new blog is up and running.  Well kind of walking/stumbling along to be honest.  I’ll be adding photographs and writing a piece or two as I go along.

I’ve completed the ‘About’ part, so you can read about me and what I do.  What I can tell you now, is that I live in Northumberland.  A beautiful county of Northern England.

My love of the outdoors and the events I work on, allow me to see other parts of the British Isles, such as Cumbria, the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors along with Southern and the Highlands of Scotland.

The blog will, hopefully, provide an insight into Trail/Fell Running events and Mountain Marathons from the perspective of the support team.  There are many elements that make up ‘the team’, I hope to bring at least one or two aspects to enlighten and entertain.